The Review Magazine: July/August 2023


By Morgan Schwanky

A dversity can be found all around us. Local government is no stranger to it. Despite difficulties brought on from the pandemic and statewide cuts to municipalities, the City of Muskegon Heights was able to get community input on creating a “new” Muskegon Heights. In a heartfelt press release, the city wrote: “Muskegon Heights is on the cusp of reaching its fullest potential, resilient in overcoming injustice, and reclaiming itself as a destination to live, work, play, visit, and invest. We are empowered to tell our story as we define it—a place of opportunity, hope, and pride. We prioritize our families, safety, connections with businesses and neighborhoods, integrity, and value our diversity, equity, and inclusion.” The visioning plan, many years in the making is titled “Reaching NEW Muskegon Heights.” The city has been wanting to implement change for a long time—and it is now coming to fruition.

“ From all the meetings, surveys and conversations with community stakeholders, citizens, city leaders, and advocates, the results overwhelming showed that ‘Reaching New Heights' in downtown Muskegon Heights should symbolize the historical pride of the community . ” – Muskegon Heights Mayor Walter Watt



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