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A journey that began in 2012, when the city acquired a grain elevator in the heart of Laingsburg’s historic center, has spanned more than a decade. Despite the longevity of this project, Clerk / Treasurer Paula Willoughby remains optimistic as she embraces each obstacle and navigates processes with versatility. Originally, the vision was to remove the blighted elevator—including the grain bins and structures— to enrich the downtown landscape. Following the completion of the demolition project, the city set its sights on securing grants to construct a new library, create additional parking, and erect contemporary apartments. But without funding, the property remained vacant. The long, narrow site continued to face hindrances in attracting investors due to an abandoned railway and possible environmental issues exacerbated by the absence of city water.

Driven by the initial perspective and supported by the predevelopment assistance partnership, the project team embraced adaptability, forging ahead toward progress. Support from the predevelopment assistance partnership enabled Lainsburg to address environmental concerns and craft an economic development strategy aimed at attracting businesses to occupy the vacant commercial buildings.

Predevelopment Assistance Partnership 41

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