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Many cities located around Detroit are frequently lumped together under the “metro Detroit” label, giving the impression that they’re all the same and all one place. However, metro Detroit actually includes more than 60 cities across several counties. These cities are unique and provide diverse economic and recreational opportunities in a concentrated area. Nestled between two of metro Detroit’s larger cities—Livonia and Farmington Hills—lies a smaller city: Farmington. Historic districts and Victorian-era homes are part of Farmington’s enchanting makeup, along with six parks—Shiawassee, Drake, Women’s, Memorial, Flanders, and Downtown Riley—where the city hosts

annual events and residents invite friends and family to stroll the walking trails.

But we can’t forget about downtown, a district full of small-town charm. Many buildings have maintained their historic integrity without losing sight of the future, offering modern amenities. This merging of old and new has provided community leaders with inspiration to continue this type of development within the downtown area. Kate Knight, executive director of the city’s Downtown Development Authority, sees new development as an opportunity to invigorate the community and bring value aesthetically, financially, and recreationally to Farmington.

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