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Situated halfway between the port of Detroit and Lake Michigan, Jackson was traditionally part of a trade route known as the Potawatomi Trail, which connected Indigenous peoples. It was later a contender for State Capitol due to its central location in the lower portion of the state. Eventually, the city became a key junction in railroad lines and was favored by industry for its logistic advantages at the crossroads of interstate travel. More and more people are migrating to this city and calling it home, with its impressive 19 golf courses, historic districts filled with museums, and award winning wineries and famous attractions including the Bright Walls Murals, an interactive illuminated fountain known as The Cascades, and the Michigan Shakespeare Festival. Downtown Jackson recently debuted the Social District, a designated area of restaurants and bars where patrons can enjoy drinks and food outdoors. This new and fun way for the community to mingle draws more activity to the area. With all this economic growth, there was the perfect opportunity to expand the city’s housing and commercial offerings.

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