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PREDEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE PARTNERSHIP Through predevelopment assistance, communities are offered additional technical assistance and support tailored to the local redevelopment priorities they have identified during the RRC journey. Achieving RRC certification takes time and collaboration. Aligning local review processes, revising Master Plans, and articulating a consensus on the direction a community wants to go takes time, and isn’t always a simple or linear effort. In addition to the RRC best practices, MEDC has provided training, technical assistance, and guidance to communities moving through the process, with the League serving as a sounding board and resource partner.

MEDC’s Redevelopment Services Team (RSTeam) is the next frontier of the Redevelopment Ready Communities® (RRC) program. Upon RRC certification, communities across the state engage with the RSTeam to receive personal and direct one-on-one professional support to assist in the redevelopment of their priority Redevelopment Ready Sites. The RSTeam provides tailored technical assistance support to each community, including: baseline site consultation, redevelopment assistance, design/build scenarios, priority site promotion, and developer matchmaking.

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