Michigan Municipal Leauge Review Magazine March/April 2023


League Training Helps Elected Officials Lead Community Growth

By Margaret Mooney

F or many local leaders, the desire to run for office comes from a love of their community and a drive to help it grow. But when the ballots are counted and newly elected officials take office, a feeling of “now what?” can take hold. That’s where the Michigan Municipal League’s Newly Elected Officials (NEO) training program comes in. By attending NEO training, first-time elected officials can learn core topics and basic functions to help them in their new role as a public official. The program can also provide a refresher for seasoned officials looking to sharpen their skills as they continue serving their communities. Topics covered in NEO training include: an introduction to League services, an overview of basic local government, roles and responsibilities of elected officials, the Open Meetings Act (OMA) and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), municipal finance, and a panel discussion with MML Elected Officials Academy (EOA) ambassadors.

Attendee Commentaries To highlight their work, several recent NEO participants share what inspired them to run for their current position and how they hope to serve their communities while in office: Springfield Councilmember Tracey Cummings explains that her new role has provided her with leadership opportunities to further serve her city. She adds that she “wants to see [her] community grow” and that “being a part of something that can help make change and improve the community” is what motivates her to be involved. Cummings is also looking forward to serving on the committee for an upcoming grant program that will award mini grants for community events. She is excited and proud that she was asked to be a part of this “wonderful opportunity.”

Springfield Councilmember Tracey Cummings taking her oath of office.



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