Michigan Municipal Leauge Review Magazine March/April 2023

Do residents and businesses want composting services? What new ordinances or service contracts might be needed to implement the intended programs and services? Communities should consider questions like these to hopefully direct more funds toward implementing local initiatives. Municipalities should also consider additional opportunities for funding local recycling and composting initiatives through EGLE’s NextCycle program (www.nextcyclemichigan.com). “Even new ideas can be explored through NextCycle— specifically intergovernmental and public private partnerships and recycling supply chain projects,” says O’Brien.

“EGLE infrastructure and market development grants provide funding for development now and there are also funding and support opportunities for the transition to carts, for enhanced drop-off opportunities, and small education projects.” Danielle Beard is the Michigan Green Communities coordinator for the League. You may contact her at 517.908.0308 or dbeard@mml.org. Herasanna Richards is a legislative associate for the League. You may contact her at 517.908.0309 or hrichards@mml.org.

Need resources on recycling and composting for your community? Search “EGLE Catalyst Communities” and “Michigan Recycling Coalition” in the search bar of your favorite browser. And visit www. migreencommunities.com to find a handy checklist of sustainable actions your municipality can take around materials management and more.



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