Michigan Municipal Leauge Review Magazine March/April 2023


By Danielle Beard and Herasanna Richards

I n the final hours of the 2021-2022 legislative session, Michigan’s long antiquated 30-year-old solid waste policy was revised as the Michigan Senate passed an eight-bill package known as Part

115 legislative package. The League and many other organizations collaborated for nearly eight years to modernize Michigan’s solid waste laws and improve municipal recycling rates, strengthen the market for recycled materials, and modernize outdated regulations to meet the needs of a drastically evolved waste and recycling industry. This effort culminated in House Bills 4454-4461. House Natural Resources and Recreation Chairman Gary Howell alongside fellow bill sponsors championed the legislation through the House of Representatives with strong support. Once in the Senate, the bills remained stationed in Senate Regulatory Reform until a pivot during lame duck session where the package was back in play. Successfully, the Part 115 package was one of the final items of legislation taken up by the Michigan Senate, which was then signed by Governor Whitmer on December 22, 2022. What does this mean for the next steps? Beginning March 29, 2023, municipalities will have a much larger role in materials management planning at the county and regional level. Continue reading to understand what Part 115 means for League members, what funding is available to create and implement materials management plans, and how to make sure local needs are well represented.



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